1st Year Anniversary

Press Release
Mountain Mudd – Fairfield, Ohi
1st Year Anniversary

Mountain Mudd’s French Vanilla Lattes and fresh brewed Coffee are now being served before Tri-County Assembly’s (TCA) Sunday Service. TCA wants their entire congregation to start the day with a smile. Mountain Mudd Espresso also strives for every customer to have a great Mountain Mudd day.

Angie Rosenberg, TCA’s Women’s Ministry says, “TCA wants our congregation’s every experience to be great. We have received positive feedback about the quality and taste of Mountain Mudd’s premium drinks. Their service and responsiveness are excellent, a compliment to their local owners.  We expect to be increasing what we offer at the church from Mountain Mudd.”

Sue McMillan, Mountain Mudd Espresso’s local owner, “We are very pleased TCA is now offering our Latte’s and Coffee before service. Our passion is for each and every customer to feel great with one of our special handmade drinks.”

Tri-County Assembly’s mission is to “impact the greater Cincinnati area and beyond by transforming people into passionate followers of Christ. Worship, Serve & Grow.” Located at 7350 Dixie Highway Fairfield, Ohio.

Mountain Mudd Espresso’s kiosk at 7265 Dixie Highway Fairfield, Ohio (conveniently, right across the street from TCA). “The Best Days begin with a Mountain Mudd Morning. Bold, Premium Coffee and Specialty Drinks On the Go.”