About Us

coffee-Caramel_MachThe BEST DAYS Begin with a Mountain Mudd Morning – Bold, Premium Coffee On the Go.

History of Mountain Mudd

We are Mountain Mudd – a premium coffee drive-thru. We believe that a good cup of coffee can be the beginning of a great day. We also believe that coffee drinkers should never have to choose between taste and convenience. Why should you get out of your car or wait in long lines for a good cup of coffee?  Why should you settle for burnt, watered down coffee for the sake of quick convenience? At Mountain Mudd, you don’t have to.

Just drive-thru our kiosk and our baristas will hand make and serve you great, bold, flavorful coffee – accompanied by fast, friendly service.

Our Coffee

Oakwood fire – roasting nine Coffee Beans – our obsession with quality isn’t new.  Taste it once and you’ll see for yourself.  Using techniques from the old school, each of our nine beans is roasted with patience over natural Oakwood fire.  Only after the roasting is complete are they blended together for outstanding bold, rich body (without a trace of harsh acidity) and smooth, long lasting finish. Discriminating consumers also appreciate great crema, beautiful deep amber color, and sweet aroma.  Mountain Mudd espresso tastes delicious on its own but its unique flavor also comes through in today’s very popular espresso and milk layered drinks.

Locally Owned

Mountain Mudd Fairfield is locally owned.  Sue and Mike McMillan are glad to have moved back into the area.  Their local Mountain Mudd team is excited to serve all their customers contributing to our community’s growth.

strawberries-and-creamPOPULAR DRINKS

  • Caramel Mudd Macchiato – A cafe latte blended with a thick stream of Caramel Mudd, Vanilla and smothered with whipped cream and yummy caramel drizzled on top.

  • Mocha Mudd – A cafe latte blended with thick chocoholic chocolate topped with fresh whipped cream and dusted with chocolate.

  • Strawberries and Cream – Delicious strawberry mixed with our white chocolate. Make sure you treat yourself and top it off with real whipped cream.